It’s been a while folks.  The last half of 2011 was full of work and changes.

I’m easing my way back from a break from the blog with a couple of links to posts I liked.  As I settle into a new home, office and year, I’m looking forward to getting back on the blog bike!

Thinking you know the answers can be a barrier to breaking through.  Here’s Ben Ziegler on the value of “I don’t know

And getting to that break through can be uncomfortable.  Viv McWaters explores game and conversation breakdowns. workshops, meetings – Brisbane, Sydney, Australia

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Last year, I heard and read Viv McWaters talk and write about her “favourite mantra of the moment – conversations, then relationships, then transactions”. It made sense to me immediately and has become one of my key thinking elements in the design and facilitation of workshops.

I have been playing with it – sometimes openly and other times without specifically using the term – and find that it really makes a difference, particularly for groups who want to go straight to the ‘action planning’ piece – you know – “why we’re here in the first place”.   It’s not purely linear.  Some of those conversations can also lead to the realisation that transactions/agreements won’t take place until there is more understanding of x, y or z.

I am also realising ways that its application (or not) applies personally.  I can’t expect others to step out of their comfort zones unless I’m willing to go there too.

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney, Australia

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