Every so often you come across a blog that just makes you feel good.  Louise Hawson at 52suburbs is working her way around the suburbs of Sydney on a ‘search for beauty in the Sydney ‘burbs’.  Her photographs and stories reflect the wonder and diversity of the people and places of Sydney.  It’s all there if we take the time to notice, experience and connect.

John Folk-Williams at Cross Collaborate  considers Scott Page’s book The Difference and how diversity improves collaborative problem solving .

Todd Dewett writes on harnessing the power of diversity – “No amount of diversity training trumps thoughtful conversations within a group”

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney- business and strategic planning – team conversations

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We set out this evening to take advantage of a break in the rain and explore the city during the Vivid Sydney festival.  There’s a celebration of Lachlan Macquarie and his wife Elizabeth in Macquarie Street (where else).  It is 200 years since he arrived in Sydney and, among other achievements, implemented a visionary public works program across New South Wales.

Old Conservatorium

Photo acknowledgement:  University of Sydney – Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The Conservatorium of Music building (originally stables and servant quarters to Government House) serves as one of the palettes for the beautifully executed Macquarie Visions light show.  Here are some snaps of the Conservatorium building taken from my mobile phone.

St Mary’s Cathedral, Hyde Park Barracks, the Mitchell Library and the Old Mint are also on display.  After dark, Macquarie Visions is on until 20 June.

Lynn Walsh – workshop facilitator – Sydney

Lynn Walsh – workshop facilitator – Sydney

Lynn Walsh – workshop facilitator – Sydney

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