From time to time, I come across rules in organisations that have been made in response to one incident or because one person has transgressed in some way, shape or form.  This approach doesn’t do a lot for morale.

On a short break last weekend, we stayed in a motel along the way.  I was amused to see this laminated notice in the corner of the bathroom mirror.  I wondered what was the trigger for someone to take time to print off and laminate copies of this sign – one for every bathroom so that all guests could see it.

“I’m curious”, I asked when checking out.  “What caused you to put those signs in the bathrooms?”   “They were cleaning their car engines with the towels”.

Welcome to our motel.  We just know you’re all going to take the towels out and stain them up beyond recognition with car oil just like ‘they’ did.  And it’s gonna cost you when you do……

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney, Australia

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