How good does this  look ?  It feels like the perfect landscape to be spending a few weeks at the end of a busy year.   Tomorrow a journey to Laos begins and with it comes time to relax and reflect.

This year I’ve been privileged to work across a wide range of sectors including education, housing, local government, entertainment, infrastructure, retail, warehousing and many amazing not-for-profit organisations.   I’m also grateful for the opportunity to work in association with Professional Facilitators International aka Shoshana Faire and Alan Bassal.

I’ve been reflecting on holding space and how important it is.  It’s particularly critical when the content is emotional.   For me, holding space isn’t a conscious or necessarily obvious ‘thing’.   Sometimes, though, the circumstances are such that I find myself seeing it happen, almost as if I’m an outside observer.

It was like this at my most recent facilitation.  A trust emerged very quickly as people introduced themselves.  I can’t really analyse it other than to notice I was aware of a stillness and a letting go of any supposed time constraints as each person shared their stories.   There was anger and fear, weariness, cynicism and hope.  Through all of that individually expressed emotion, there was grace.  I can’t explain it in any other way.  Sometimes it felt very difficult and there were views expressed that perhaps everyone might not be able to come together.  But they did.  And this one gathering of many gatherings in 2010 is why I love what I do.

I’m excited about this trip to Laos.  And I’m looking forward to coming home to a new office – a space fresh with new paint and a garden view. I’m ready to hit the ground running in January and open to more offers to facilitate, to collaborate and to learn.   If you’re up for all or any of the above, drop me a note or give me a call.

Cheers till 2011.

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney, Australia

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