At the beginning of a recent workshop, I revealed a flip chart with the word AGREEMENTS.  I had taped a big cross over the word.

At the end of the two days, when everyone was reflecting on their experiences of the workshop, someone said “I really liked how we didn’t have any rules on how we should behave.  It felt like we were being treated as responsible adults”.

Just saying.

For some other thoughts about ground rules in group workshops, head on over to Rhizome and their post, Groundrules – empowering or oppressive?

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I came across a post this morning that proposed a list of ground rules for meetings of a particular network of people.  The list was a long one and I felt quite flat by the time I read to the end.  They felt very command and control, leaving little room for personal responsibility.

As a facilitator, I have left ground rules behind.  Apart from not being too fond of the term, even setting up “agreements for working together” has lost its shine for me.  I’d like to get a conversation going – what’s your experience as a participant and/or a facilitator?

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney- business and strategic planning – team conversations

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