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Life and Music The end is not the point.  An Alan Watts animation via Andrew Rixon at Babel Fish Group.

I want to go to Tinkering School.  Thanks to @johnlacey for posting this.

A recent Vizthink post pointed to Viznotes’ James Macanufo and the set of visual frameworks he’s posted on flickr for feedback.  For any facilitators interested in graphic representation, these are worth a look.   Thanks @Vizthink.

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator, Sydney

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report writing workshop

I’ve been developing the framework for a large report writing workshop.  The group I’ll be facilitating has been working together over many months within their terms of reference.  They have commissioned detailed research, visited locations and consulted with many.  A report of their findings is required.  Rather than leave the writing to a few, the group has elected to work together over 2 days to consolidate the content of their report.

This graphic represents an approach to Day 1.  The group will determine their own flow once they get started.  They are focused on what’s required and they have many skills and resources in the room to help them succeed.   I’m really looking forward to seeing what emerges.

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney

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I’ve been putting some visuals together to set the scene for a workshop. The people in the room all have an interest in one particular subject.  They come to that interest from different perspectives and in different roles.  Some are policy people, some are practitioners, some are clients of the practitioners,  some are researchers and others are suppliers of materials in the field. 

The client bringing this group together is looking to understand more about the needs of the people in the room.  They have particular questions of interest.  In the course of the briefing, I was asked how I might introduce the day’s objectives to the group in a succinct way. 

There may be no group decisions made, although each interest group will make decisions and perhaps change direction as a result of their participation.  Each person in the room will have their individual objectives and expectations of the day.  Outcomes will emerge from conversation, understanding, questions, information and ideas.  So, how will I introduce the day’s objectives to the group?   This is how.

open objectives

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Innovation means to me - graphic of group responses

I admire the work of skilled graphic facilitators.  Pictures help ideas and outputs stick. We may not all be graphic artists.  However, we can all add colour and interest to a session by letting loose with the pens.

Here’s one sheet I prepared earlier.  Prior to this workshop participants were asked to respond to the question – what does innovation mean to me?

Two books that have given me the courage to keep having a go are Visual Thinking: Tools for Mapping Your Ideas by Nancy Margulies and Christina Valenza and Pocket Pics from The Grove.  And ever since Dan Roam gave us permission in Back of the Napkin to play with stick figures, there’s no excuse not to draw what we’re thinking.

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney

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