iStockphoto - gordian knotPatti Digh asked this question on Twitter.  “What do you do when you are unsure?” and followed the question with  “Doubt can be as powerful and sustaining as certainty….”  (from the recent film Doubt)

Last night I was reading actress Sheila Hancock’s Just Me, the second of two books she has penned since the death of her husband John Thaw.  It’s about her experience of creating new ways of being after losing someone you love.   Quotations begin each chapter.  This one particularly resonated given the thoughts provoked by Patti’s question.

Neither look forward where there is doubt, nor backward where there is regret.  Look inward and ask yourself not if there is anything out in the world that you want and had better grab quickly before nightfall, but whether there is anything inside you that you have not yet unpacked.

From the play Resident Alien: Quentin Crisp Explains it All by Tim Fountain.

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney

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