I’m taking time to catch up on what’s new and/or look in places I haven’t looked before.

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This week I discovered Scoop.it, when someone ‘scooped’ an item of mine from another blog. It provides and will provide a wealth of ideas and new sources in the future.  Scoop.it not only lets you ‘curate’ material you are interested in from your current known sources, it also provides the opportunity to follow other curators and their collections.  As the items come up in newspaper format, it’s more fun to browse than a regular reader. I’m looking forward to refining my sources and perhaps adding new topics to the mix.

This post from Frédéric Domon at the Socialearning blog talks about the social nature of learning and how “80% of learning is unexpected, unplanned and informal” (referencing David A Cofer). Domon includes this 4C model for learning both within an organisation and externally that….

facilitates acquiring and diffusing knowledge within social networks via an iterative and fractal process that can be summarised in four steps.

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I like that it starts with conversation and that the approach builds in transparency across an organisation.

This transparency encourages access to the people and information that we may need to make good decisions. It is the consequence of the open and multidirectional communication made possible by social tools. It can’t be imposed or forced.

Frederic Domon touches on the threat to the “command and control” model that stifles (my word) so much sharing of knowledge.  Social networks, through their ability to open up conversations anywhere are pointing to a new way of working which Domon calls “connect and animate”.

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