I’ve been anticipating the release of the film Hugo this week.  So I enjoyed reading this post by David Herbert and his cogitations on horological spare parts.

What if there are no spare parts? What if every part of our biodiversified universe has its part to play? What if nothing or no-one is redundant? While our human drives are shaped by the principles of the “survival of the fitting” our organisational thinking should be challenged by working out the role of the square peg, and not just the round peg for the round hole. Neither round pegs or square pegs are spare parts.There are no misfits. Even the orphan in his secret hideaway in the clock tower is no misfit, but has his vital part to play.

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  1. I hope you enjoy Hugo as much as we did. It is a lovely film. I’m pleased to see you’re back blogging. I’ve missed your posts.

    Thanks David. I’ve missed catching up on yours and other posts regularly too. Back having fun after moving house.

    David Herbert´s last blog post ..And the award for the best …. is

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