Dear blog

I’ve been neglecting you.  I hope you don’t feel too badly about it.  Let me explain.

My attention has been focused elsewhere.  I’ve begun a relationship with another blog, a new one.  It’s been demanding my attention since an idea I’d been brewing became a reality.  Before I knew it I was posting daily, feeding my blog habit with trivial (yet quite interesting) snippets of Australia’s history.  My new blog appeals to a broader market than you do.  And it remembers that I was a librarian in a previous life.  The urge to search for long lost articles is still with me no matter how hard I try to suppress it.

And yet, I miss you.  Although I haven’t been writing about facilitation of late, I have been doing lots of it.  That lovely work has taken me away from you and I want to make amends.  So, please forgive me and stay patient.  I’m coming back soon….. as soon as the inspiration arrives.



PS – I have an idea for another blog ……. you’ll love it!


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