Here’s the text of the funeral notice of James Elliott (my great-great grandfather).  It’s from the Newcastle Morning Herald dated 29 August 1888.  Can you notice what’s missing?

“His funeral to leave Hamilton Commonage for Sandgate Cemetery.  John, David, Abraham, James were his sons.  James Devereux and John Thompson were his sons-in-law.  John Brennan, John Snedden and James Taafe were three friends.  He was a member of L.O.L. Number 28.  T Hetherington  W.M. James Gray”.

For the record, he had a wife whose name was Isabella.  They had four daughters: Marion (deceased), Isabella, Violet and Mary Ellen.  Sons-in-law and friends rated a mention.  Women in the family did not.  Thank goodness times have changed.

Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator, Sydney

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