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Here are two post-World War I photographs.  One is of a newly married couple (my husband’s paternal grandparents) taken around 1919 in Brisbane after a war bride wedding in Northern Ireland.  The second is of a couple (my paternal grandparents) on their wedding day in Sydney in 1922.  

I’m working on a map to track the paths of family members who served in World War I using the information available in the Australian Archives digital war records.  In so doing, I came across this amazing coincidence. 

According to the records of these gentlemen, both received gunshot wounds in totally separate incidents on 11 August 1918 – one to his hand, the other to his chin.   Both were admitted to the 55th Casualty Clearing Station in Longpre in France on 13 and 14 August respectively.   Could there have been a conversation or connection over those few days ?  

Both moved on to new and different battles.   After the war ended, they returned to different states of Australia and started their respective families.  Does anyone have any similar stories of ancestors crossing paths?

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