Open objectives

I’ve been putting some visuals together to set the scene for a workshop. The people in the room all have an interest in one particular subject.  They come to that interest from different perspectives and in different roles.  Some are policy people, some are practitioners, some are clients of the practitioners,  some are researchers and others are suppliers of materials in the field. 

The client bringing this group together is looking to understand more about the needs of the people in the room.  They have particular questions of interest.  In the course of the briefing, I was asked how I might introduce the day’s objectives to the group in a succinct way. 

There may be no group decisions made, although each interest group will make decisions and perhaps change direction as a result of their participation.  Each person in the room will have their individual objectives and expectations of the day.  Outcomes will emerge from conversation, understanding, questions, information and ideas.  So, how will I introduce the day’s objectives to the group?   This is how.

open objectives

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  1. What a great image! I love the way it captures the concepts you’ve mentioned. It’s also a reminder to explore again the joys of graphic representation of ideas. I’m more of a wordsmith – an asset in many ways, and I do use words to create pictures. But the art of using pictures such as you have here is something I don’t practice often enough! Thank you for the prompt. :)

    Thanks Sue. This approach worked for this group as I’m not sure I could have put the objectives into words on this occasion. There were some very different objectives in the room. There was also some cynicism around the reasons the group had been brought together. Opening it up this way seemed to open up everyone to finding what they needed on the day.

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