The National Library of Australia is continuing to digitise records of Historic Australian Newspapers 1803-1954.  It’s an excellent genealogy resource.   The search engine saves hours that, until recently, would have been spent winding through metres of microfilm.  You can also play a role in improving the quality of the records and “help fix this text” where the scanning hasn’t quite hit the mark.

Today I discovered the cause of death of a 19 year old in my family tree.  He was playing cricket in 1944 when he received a blow to the chest from a medium paced ball. 

Pericles - source

In the process of searching for information on the arrival of the ship Pericles that brought my great grandparents to Australia in 1883, I also learned a new word.  The Pericles was granted pratique after it arrived in Sydney.  Pratique was the liberty given to vessels free of sickness.  This certification meant that the immigrants and crew on board could disembark without a stay at the Quarantine Station.    It derives from the French – practiquer – meaning practice or habits.

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