Could we have no agenda?

We let so many things get in the way of us hearing each other – the need to be right, fear of change, our adversarial political systems.  These words of Pema Chodron inspire a way of being together and discovering new things about others and ourselves.


“Instead of making others right or wrong, or bottling up right and wrong in ourselves, there’s a middle way, a very powerful middle way…. Could we have no agenda when we walk into a room with another person, not know what to say, not make that person wrong or right? Could we see, hear, feel other people as they really are? It is powerful to practise this way…true communication can only happen in that open space”


Lynn Walsh – workshop and meeting facilitator – Sydney

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  1. Amanda Spalding @ 2009-05-07 19:08

    Is it possible to have leadership with clear direction without adversarial politics?

  2. Now there’s a question that could keep a group busy for a while. It begs more questions. Does adversarial politics (or an adversarial approach) encourage/drive leadership with clear direction? Not sure about that. If there is a leader, one assumes there are followers. Does the leader direct or influence to gain those followers. I think the core question for me in the original post, if you relate it to leadership, is do leaders always have to be right? If the answer to that is yes, then that’s sad, because it blocks off all sorts of possibilities.

  3. It is a sweet thought, but close to impossible. Our world view will always be tinted by our own prejudices, whether conscious or not, and we will judge based on our past experiences. Awareness and tolerance allow us to look beyond our initial reactions but those reactions are still there and still quite powerful.

  4. I fear you are right. Something to aspire to. From time to time though, with the right parts coming together, magic can happen.

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