Over time I have benefited from the sharing spirit of others through books, broadcasts and blogs.  Lately, I’ve been energised by the quality and generosity of offerings on Twitter from some of the best thinkers and practitioners in their fields.

Other people’s ideas and thoughts are presents.  Each one you unwrap adds to who you are and how you go about doing the work that you do. 

As I begin, I am seeing this blog as a present to myself – opening up new ways to think, do and be.  As it develops, I hope it will hold the occasional gift for you.  

The blog will be about working with groups, writing, travel and anything else that delights, excites, amuses or has me wondering.

To take this first time leap into the great unknown – will it hurt when I fall off the bicycle? – requires me to have a stern conversation with my inner critic and suggest that she take a hike. 

Here we go………

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Looking forward to sharing facilitation stories and other musings.



  2. Thank you Viv – much appreciated.

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